Post Construction Cleanup Services

If you are planning to get some construction cleaning services, be sure that you first have an idea of what they would cost, before taking them up. You also need to be certain that the proposed estimate provided to you is accurate. If so, you can then negotiate terms, and come to an agreement on price.

Typical construction cleaning services comprise of several types of cleaning jobs, all of which are essential for making the pre-construction building or repair site as ready as it can be for visitors and other occupants. Typically, the most common job available is touch-ups, which are typically made to prevent any problems that may arise once the building or repair project is complete. The typical cost for such a touch-up cleaning is roughly $0.15 per square foot. This job typically only has to be done once per post-construction cleaning schedule.

Debris removal is another task performed by construction cleaning services. This involves removing waste products, dirt, grease, and other debris from one area to another. There are many different ways to remove this debris, depending upon the circumstances. Some methods include washing, raking, or shoveling. It is important to remember that the larger the construction projects, the more debris is likely to be present, so proper cleaning techniques should be employed.

Another commonly used construction cleaning services technique is the rough cleaning method. Rough cleaning is when a professional company will arrive at the construction site prior to the actual work day to perform a thorough prepping of the site for the actual work going to be carried out on the following day. This includes anything that might have been left on the property during the day, dirt, debris, etc. The rough cleaning service will usually arrive with their own equipment and provide a very thorough prepping process.

After the pre-construction cleanup has been performed, the actual post-construction cleanup services will commence. As soon as the construction crew sets up shop and is set to begin work, the post-construction cleanup company will arrive to provide their own cleaning supplies. This is not necessarily done right away. Rather, the cleanup service will typically provide their own cleaning supplies beginning the day before construction begins until the day the project is completed. Click here to understand more on this topic.

The final step of post-construction cleanup is the light clean. This occurs after all of the debris has been removed and the site is left in a very sanitary state. Typically, the company will also remove any decals or any permanent fixtures that were put into the construction area to help the building meet building code. They may also assist with landscaping or other outside construction projects that are required to keep the area around the project in order. This final step, the light clean, helps to make sure the construction site stays clean and organized so it can easily be reused for future projects.

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